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  • How does a Starlight Headliner System work?
    Starlight Headliner kits use long narrow fiber optic style cables to transmit LED light from an source hidden in the vehicle. These fiber optic lights are inserted into the top of the vehicle's headliner to create the starry light effect in the car's cabin.
  • How is it installed?
    The process starts by disconnecting all dome, map lights and other trim pieces and removing the vehicle's headliner. Hundreds of small holes then need to be drilled or pinned in the top of the headliner mold, to fit the Fiber Optic lights, which are individually carefully placed just above the headliner fabric. These Lights are then attached by adhesive, and then strand together to be run to the location of the Light Source, typically in the trunk, rear seats, or under the vehicle's dash. The process can take many hours, depending on the quantity of lights you're installing.
  • How do I know if my vehicle can have a starlight headliner?
    Yes! (Most likely) Most Vehicle Headliners can be installed with Fiber optic lights, even to vehicles with a sunroof. Please refer to our "Shop all Packages" page to ensure you find the right kit for your vehicle. We do not recommend to install Starlights with vehicles that have leather wrapped headliners.
  • What comes in a starlight headlinder kit?
    Kits contain a LED Light Engine, power cables, Fiber Optic Starlights, light coupling and remote control.
  • Can I install it myself?
    Absolutley. Where it can sometimes tedious and repetitive, removing your headliner and installing is not as complex as it seems. We recommend following along a guide online like a Youtube video for your first install. And following our guide for tools you may need in order to have a great looking starlight headliner.
  • Who can install my Starlight Headliner?
    Starlight Custom specializes in starlight headliner installation in the Toronto and Greater Toronto Area. We highly recommend to consult with an automotive electronics installer in your city for installation.
  • My car has a sunroof, can I install a Starlight Headliner?"
    Yes! Even Vehicles with a Sunroof can have starlights installed in the fabric area. Some vehicles with Sunroofs can have starlights installed in the fabric sunroof cover. (This can be a very complex install, we don't recommend doing this yourself)
  • Does my headliner have to be black to install a starlight headliner?
    Starlight headliner works best on a black or dark fabric headliner, however, starlights still look great on a grey or light color headliner at night, however, they will not be as visible in the daylight.
  • How many stars do I need for my starlight headliner?
    it all depends on the size of your vehicle and its headliner. We've curated the approprite kit and number of stars depending on your vehicle's category. Please refer to the "Shop Starlights" section of the home page.
  • Why do some Starlight Headliners look bad?
    The issue is typically not with the kit itself, but with the installation procedure. We recommend following our guide on how to install a starlight headliner properly to get the best result. Sometimes, Starlights can look too bright and intense, making the inside look culttered and distracting, which can come across as cheap. The best starlight headliner installs will have a subtle, classy feel, as if the car came installed with it from the factory. To achieve this effect, the install is very precise.
  • What tools will I need to install my starlight headliner?
    Starlight headliners require an array of tools to perform. You will need: - Interior trim removal tools - Various Screwdrivers and Ratchet set - Permanent marker to trace and plot star points - Small drill or punch pins (We recommend 38mm T-Pins) - Liquid Adhesive (Hot Glue or super glue) - Wire cutters and Scissors - Fuse tap and additonal wiring to run power to the light engine (if needed)
  • Can I install a Starlight Headliner by myself?
    It is possible, however we recommend having a partner to assist as it makes the install faster and easier.
  • How hard is a starlight headliner to install by myself?
    If you prefer to do-it-yourself, we recommend to have a partner help with the install. This will help with protecting the headliner during removal, and help speed up the process of installing the stars. All Headliners at Starlight Custom are worked on by pairs of specialists.
  • How long does an install take?
    Depending on the size of your vehicle, professional installs can be completed as quickly as 4-8 hours. A first time Install can take up to 10 hours.
  • How much will it cost to get a professional install?
    Professional Installs start at $900 and can go as high as $2500 depending on the size of the vehicle and quantity of stars. Please contact us with the make/model of your vehicle for a quote. A Deposit will be required prior to ordering a kit or booking an appoitnment for install.
  • Does my Starlight Headliner Twinkle?
    All of our kits will have the Twinkle motor built in, if bought on Amazon, please refer to your kit's details and description to find out if a twinkle motor is included.
  • Does my Starlight Headliner Kit change color?
    Yes, All Starlight Custom kits will change star color. If you have purchased a kit elsewhere, please refer to your kit's details and description to determine if a colour changing LED light is included.
  • Can I install on a Convertible top?
    No, the fiber optic lights will bend and potentially break during a convertible top's folding, we only recommend installation on cars with a fixed roof.
  • Can I install a Starlight Headliner on a Jeep Wrangler/Gladiator Hardtop?
    it is possible, however can be quite difficult, and will require fabric material to be laid on the inside of the top. We recommend to consult a professional installer.
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