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Where can I get a Starlight Headliner installed in my car?

Starlight Headliner kits aren’t very difficult to install, however they can be tedious and time consuming to insert all the fiber optic lights into your headliner necessary to creating a stunning star display. Because of this, one of the most frequent requests we get here at Starlight Custom is: “Where can I get my Starlight Headliner kit installed?”

It is common for customers of ours to want a professional installer to work on their vehicles, as they may not necessarily have the time or tools to do so. Luckily, there are many capable individuals and shops that are capable of installing your headliner, however, they can sometimes be tricky to find.

We recommend searching up phrases like “starlight headliner install” or “Starlight headliner installation (city)” to potentially find starlight specialists in your area.

We recommend ordering and having a starlight kit already on hand to make it easier for the installer to take on your project. They may not want to take on the work if they then need to source the parts for your vehicle themselves.

In the event that there aren’t any installers that specifically do starlight headliners, feel free to contact shops that specialize in the following services, and inquire if they can install your headliner.

Wrap Shops

Automotive wrap installers are specialists in applying vinyl wrapping to a vehicle to modify the appearance or completely change the color of it altogether.

In the last decade, these specialty shops and vendors offering this kind of service have become very popular and widespread. In most major cities, expect to find a handful of reputable installers with 5+ years in business. In our experience, a handful of wrap shops will be happy to take on starlight headliner projects in the absence of or in addition to wrapping work.

Audio Installers

Having an audio specialist install a starlight headliner may seem counter intuitive, however, automotive sound specialists will be more than capable. An audio installer’s traditional line of work involves the installation of speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers and entertainment systems.

This makes them experts at delicacy with interior trim removal, and installing systems that involve wiring. We highly recommend seeking an audio installer.

Auto Upholstery Specialists

Auto upholstery specialists traditionally restore or replace the leather, cloth, carpet and/or vinyl in a vehicle to refresh or repair the interior. Following a similar skill set of the Audio installers, they have the expertise and tools necessary to remove the headliner of your vehicle to install a starlight headliner.


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