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Starlight Headliner Kit - Full-Size Sedan- Deluxe

Make Every Journey a Magical Experience


Starlight Custom’s Star systems transform the roof of your car into the illusion of a star-filled night sky. Kits are designed to fit your vehicle’s size. It controls via Bluetooth or remote to allow adjustment of brightness, color, and dynamic light modes, to fashion just the right atmosphere.



LED Light Engine


The Starlight Bluetooth Light Engine is engineered to last 50,000 running hours, and feature High output Color changing LED lights, allowing choice between thousands of color combinations, as well as automated colour changing modes, all selected via remote control or smartphone app. The light engine is powered by your vehicle’s 12V outlet. It can also be wired directly to a power source, hidden behind the dash or trim.  



Colour Changing Modes


Music: Light unit reacts to bass by flashing the lights on and off to the beat of your music.

Fade: Lights will change color in a slow “fading” style transition.

Jump: Lights will change color immediately after a short period.

Breath: Lights change colour slowly, and dim in transition between colors.





Deluxe Starlight LED Light Engines are outfitted with twinkle function. This creates a realistic starry night effect by pulsating the light’s brightness intermittently. The speed of the twinkle can be adjusted and can be turned on and off with the remote or via Bluetooth through the app.



Hand Woven Fiber Optic Lights


Starlight Custom Headliner kits feature hundreds of individual fiber optic lights, made from Flexible, durable poly methyl methacrylate, and are created to the appropriate length for your size of your vehicle. Standard kits have a single light diameter of 0.03 inches.





As some sunroof cover panels cannot have fiber optic lights installed, The Sunroof option kit is, and is intended to exclude installing lights into the sunroof panel, and is outfitted with a lower quantity of lights.

If you desire to install lights into the sunroof cover panel, please select the “no sunroof” option, to include the appropriate quantity of stars.

Starlight Headliner Kit - Full-Size Sedan- Deluxe


No Sunroof:

  • 32W LED Light Engine with Twinkle Motor
  • 1100 Fiber Optic Lights
  • 16.4 feet in length
  • (0.03in,0.04in,0.06in) diameter



  • 20W LED Light Engine with Twinkle Motor
  • 860 Fiber Optic Lights
  • 13.4 feet in length
  • (0.03in,0.04in,0.06in) diameter
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