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How Hard is it to Install a Starlight Headliner?


Some starlight headliner installs are not all that difficult, it typically comes down to the technique used to install. Some tutorials on Youtube will show drilling holes the headliner mold and into the fabric, where the lights are stabbed through and can sometime protrude on the other end. This technique can help speed up the process and make things easier, however, can create a subpar result, as it creates headliner damage, and sometimes protruding lights, ruining the clean “sleek” look of a headliner.

This is a poor installation, the lights are too intense as they stick through the headliner fabric, and you can see the light protrusion.

With a professional Starlight headliner install, the lights will be installed in a way that is sleek and subtle, in proper Rolls-Royce fashion. The lights will not be visible when they are off and are not detectable by looking up at or feeling the headliner fabric. The Professional install technique requires a high amount of skill, precision, and delicate handling, maintained over the course of laying potentially hundreds, if not thousands of delicate fiber optics into a vehicles’ headliner. This of course, will create the best-looking starlight headliner for your car, but can be exponentially more difficult then a driveway installation at home.

This is a great install by the guys at RR Auto. You won't be able to feel or see the lights in the headliner when it's off.

Depending on the quantity of lights, and the complexity of your vehicle will determine the cost of a starlight headliner installation. Installations at Starlight custom guarantee no damage to your headliner fabric from drills or lights stabbing through, and will result in a sleek, covert look when the lights are off, and a brilliant star gazing experience when they’re on. You can send us a message here to get a quote or book an installation date here. Or, you reach out to us through our contact form at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

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