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What Starlight Headliner fits my Car?

Some of the most common questions found online regarding starlight headliner kits is: What Starlight headliner fits my car? How many stars should I get for my starlight headliner?

There are many different options for purchasing a starlight headliner kit online, and often it can be confusing as to what kit will work the best. At Starlight Custom, we recommend kits based on the size of your car, if it has a sunroof, as well as the vehicle’s class and budget, to determine what kind of starlight headliner kit you should get.

To find out what kit best suits your car, you can follow our shop guide here.

Components of the kits can change in 3 different ways as the size and class of the vehicle changes. We have listed the details below.

Quantity of Fiber optic lights. Fiber optic lights are installed into the fabric of your vehicle’s roof and then run to a light source hidden somewhere in the car. Bigger cars such as Full-Size Sedans have larger headliners and require a higher quantity of stars to appropriately cover the space. As an example, we recommend an average of 150 – 350 stars for an average two door coupe, whereas a larger SUV can require anywhere from 600 – 1500 stars depending on size. Please refer to our Shop guide to find the appropriate kit for your car.

Power of Light Engine: The Light Engine is the power source for the starlight headliner. These contain the bright LED’s that shine light through the fiber optic strands, to appear on your headliner. Some Light Engines can also contain a “Twinkle Motor” Which is a metal disc with holes that spins to interrupt the light patch, to create a “twinkling” effect on the end of the fiber optics. The Power Output of the light source can scale from 6 Watts (W) all the way up to 50W. To determine the appropriate power source for your car. The Output is linked with the quantity of lights necessary to fill the headliner appropriately. More lights require a higher power source to ensure light is bright enough to create a proper starlight experience. Not enough power and the lights may be barely visible! A 6W power source may be good for about 150-200 lights, however anything higher will need a higher output to be viable.

Length of Fiber optics: Fiber optic lights can come in many different lengths, as well as diameters to fit various applications. Lights typically vary from 6.5 feet to almost 16.5 feet depending on the size of car and where the light source plans to be stored. Of course, with smaller vehicles like 2 door coupes, only 6.5 feet is necessary, where with larger cars, anywhere from 9.8 feet to 13.1 feet lengths will be needed to properly fit the vehicle.

Starlight kits can also be purchased with varying diameters of lights. In our opinion, the varied lights are necessary for getting the most out of your car’s starlight headliner. The varies lights will provide a realistic “three dimensional” effect to your headliner with the different intensities of glow, as it will seems like some smaller stars are further away, and the larger stars seems closer and more intense. All Deluxe and Elite kits provided through us will typically come with three varied diameters of lights (0.03in, 0.04in, and 0.06in)

As it can somehow be difficult to find the proper starlight package for your car, we can help with our shop guide, which picks the right package based on your category and class of vehicle. You can find the best starlight headliner kit for your car here or contact us for further support.


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